Success Stories


“Sometimes going to the dentist can be so confusing - all the paperwork and the bills -- Smile Solutions got rid of all that.  I pay the premium once a year and then our check-ups  and x-rays are free! Not only that, but all other services are discounted….up to 30%.  Nothing confusing about that!”


“Without Smile Solutions, I’d never be able to keep up on all my kids’ dental needs.  It’s just too expensive to pay out-of-pocket for everything.  With the savings I see from Smile Solutions I can rest assured knowing my kids’ dental health is taken care of.”


“I asked the Manager at my Eastern Dental® office to explain the Smile Solutions program to me, but as it turns out - that wasn’t even necessary!  I just pay the single person’s fee, my annual exams and films are included and I get a HUGE discount on any other dental work I may need. It’s that simple.”


“I don’t really understand why anyone would go to a dentist that doesn’t offer Smile Solutions.  Where was this program years ago when all my kids were still home? I could have saved a fortune!”