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Eastern Dental

Woodbury Heights, New Jersey

Eastern Dental is a reputable office that offers comprehensive family dentistry services. Whether you want a cosmetic treatment or need reconstructive surgery, we're the place to visit here in Woodbury Heights, NJ. Our dentists are dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with patients.

As part of your routine care, we will clean your teeth at least every six months, provide fluoride treatments, take X-rays, and perform a regular smile analysis. Our general services go beyond this to include:

  • Dental fillings and crowns 
  • Dental bridges and prosthetics
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Extractions

If you have cavities or your enamel is wearing down from age, we'll create a customized filling. To protect your teeth, you might also consider getting a custom-fit mouth guard.

Outside of Routine Care

Since we have a periodontist and an orthodontist at our office, you can easily request their dental services. If necessary, our orthodontist can present you or someone in your family with braces or Invisalign. Our family dentistry office also provides the following cosmetic treatments:

  • Teeth whitening 
  • Dental bonding 
  • Dental veneers

We can use a bleaching agent to brighten your teeth and, if necessary, give you a take-home whitening kit. Since the agent is acidic, we'll properly instruct you on how to apply it. If you have intrinsic stains that can't be removed through teeth whitening, our dental professionals can provide you with veneers or bonds.

Before you receive treatment, we'll explain every aspect of your dental plan. You'll also fill out a patient registration form and a medical history form so that we get a good idea where you're at regarding your health.

Reliable Dental Professionals

We've always been focused on giving patients warm, personalized service. To schedule an appointment with our dentist, give Eastern Dental a call. We serve patients in Woodbury Heights and its surrounding communities.

Call our Woodbury Heights office now:
(856) 845-7775

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Eastern Dental

Eastern Dental in Woodbury Heights, NJ:
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Dental services available at Eastern Dental in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Please contact the office to learn more: (856) 845-7775

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